Organic press recommendations mean a great deal

In a world of paid advertorials it is refreshing and much appreciated to see that publications are researching their own content and recommending who they wish.

The London Magazine (London’s largest circulation property magazine) and the Wimbledon Time and Leisure Magazine recently did just that and flatteringly commented on Sian Baxter.

Lighting design is an art and makes all the difference in creating a mood and enhancing a room’s overall ambience. With a focus not just on designing lighting schemes but also on those fittings that deliver, in sympathy with a room’s overall ambience, Sian Baxter is the expert’s expert when it comes to this art -
— The London Magazine - Autumn 2018

NappyValleyNet - Design & Build Guide 2017

We were recently featured in the NappyValleyNet - Design & Build Guide 2017.